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gotta chop the mop
6 years ago
90 posts
Talkeetna might be good. We have friends with a log cabin out there way off the grid. He's got solar battery backup and quite a nice set up :). We also have friends that live on Lake Clark. That's fly in, but there are other people there some other people there. You know there's just something special about SE. True it is a rain forest. But it's so beautiful. It smells fresh and the salty air is everywhere, when the sun does shine the sky is bluer, the greens are greener it's just gorgeous. I love being near the water. You just have to have the right gear to love it. Nothing like crap gear to make u hate rain right? Same with winter snow gear.

YUKON said:

i lived in seward, kodiak, homer, and i know the kenai pen. really well....i just hate how it's soooooooo crowded in summer.

i love the snow, and i'd love something near trapper lake or talkeetna, but too many snowmachines....i need solitude.

ive never been to s/e alaska...i think it's a little too wet for me, same w/ prince william sound, which is where i'd really love to be on a priv. island.

updated by @elkeinalaska: 07/23/15 07:01:30PM
6 years ago
119 posts

lake clark is's just not quite as rugged as i's a pretty mellow lake.

...i've always wanted something near talkeetna, but seriously the snowmachine/atv/mx/offroad/jetboats/everything ..... traffic is insane around there

and kenai pen is over-run.....north of fairbanks is nice, but too dark and cold...and i love dark and cold.....

seldovia would be awesome, but i don't wanna live in a community

i love the wrangell mtns tho

i's either gonna be a spot on prince william sound or the susitna drainage...either way i'll be away from it all

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