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Today is the day!

By: Australe
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So today is the first day of the rest of my life, also the day I start my journey with dreads... No more frustration and heartache about having frizzy out of control hair, wanting to shave my head because I just can't figure out what else to do with it!

I'd been debating for close to 3 years now wanting dreadlocks... and now that my husband's dreads are going on 3 years old this summer it kinda hit me that if I had started them back when I was first thinking of it I'd have an awesome set of dreads by now.

We learned A LOT when it comes to my husbands dread journey, had quite a few bumps and back slides. I'm happy that we learned so much and finally found a place with some good solid information from this website, not to mention a ton of awesome people! I know that I have no intentions of starting dreads like we started my husbands by back combing. Of course that was after we went to a woman who "knew how to do dreads" and she twisted and gobbed his hair up with a crap ton of gel, after two weeks he STANK because she told him not to wash his hair. From there we combed them out and bought a dreadheadhq kit, fortunately we used minimal wax on his tightly backcombed dreads. We've learned better now, I look forward to seeing the difference in our results! And also this helps us learn that much better so in a couple years when our son wants a set of dreads of his own our now 19 month old little boy will be set up even better for some nice dreads.

So it starts, today I'll be washing my hair with Dr Bronner's to get it stripped. I know its not ideal because we have hard water, but I already have it on hand and don't want to spend money on something special when I only have intentions of using it for this first time. After today I'll be going to baking soda and apple cider vinegar with essential oils. I figure any residue that the Bronner's could possibly leave behind should come out with the next BS/ACV wash. We will follow my wash today by some air drying time and start the rip and tear process, I plan to order some of this locking gel from that I've been hearing people rave about. From there I don't think I'll be doing anymore rip and tear, we will just let them become the awesomeness that they will become on their own, with a little extra help from the locking gel when I get it! And also my husband has some difficult spots that might benefit from some help of the locking gel.

Wish me luck! I'll also be starting a project shortly of making a crocheted tam for myself out of some merchandised cotton yarn that I've been wondering what to make with it. Again I hear wool is ideal, but this will be something that will be cooler to wear in the summer time if I need to put my hair up. I should have enough left over to maybe make a visor for myself too!

02/28/12 12:43:02PM @ixchel:

awesome joined the group & checking out thanks for the tips :)

02/28/12 09:51:19AM @australe:

You should check out Delmarva Babywearers on Facebook, even if your not local your still more than welcome to join!
I just got an Oscha Starry Night in Blue Ice, its a size 5...
And I have on the way a Didymos Caribe Fish in a size 4...
They also have some wraps for sale on their FSOT document... and if your looking for a new wrap but want to save a bit of money you could always buy used from Thats where all of my new wraps have come from, and the benefit is that you aren't killing yourself trying to break a new wrap in!!!

02/27/12 06:33:30PM @ixchel:

my profile photo on every site but this one is my littlest one just like yours, nuzzled close in a wrap. :)

what new wrap did you get? I'm looking to buy another :)

we don't have anyone that babywears around here except me, & my SIL when she came to visit. I think it's one of the most brilliant things ever!

02/27/12 06:27:31PM @australe:

I'm tickled that you even know he's in a wrap :)
Its a Storchenweige Leo Black and White, It was my first and the only one I've owned that I haven't parted with. Hyatt was only about 6 weeks old in that picture, he's almost 20 months now. I just got a new wrap today that I am totally in LOVE with... We've got a VERY active babywearing community around here, and everyone has a case of the wrap bug lately!

02/27/12 06:04:14PM @ixchel:

Good locking luck!

& I feel your frustration with your hair previously, I can't count how many times I chopped it off because I just didn't know what to do with it & hated dealing with it all.

you look like you have a little cutie there, what type of wrap is that? it looks lovely!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/12 12:47:59PM @soaring-eagle:

congrats and even tho your hubby used minimal wax 3 years ago you might still want to do wax removal to help him out

yea it can survive many years of washings

since u used the dreadheadhq kit (eek) dhhq will send you a free wax remover however i bet its all harsh chemicals and probably toxic too and will have a all natural wax remover out ..should be today

Katie Rose
02/26/12 10:59:42AM @katie-rose:

Enjoy your journey and good luck to you!

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