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Andrew Shirley


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/10/11 02:09:23PM @soaring-eagle:

Karrington <3
10/10/11 12:50:06PM @karrington-3:

Welcome to Dreadlockssite!! :) there are so many helpful, kind and loving people here.. Thanks for joining the family! :)

09/18/10 02:15:21PM @jessica-leyva:
Haha this is true, people can be quite strong in their dreading convictions. I have just left them, got beads on them atm. I just assume it will do something eventually and will just leave them. The roots are flat but like a big chunk of matted hair, I assume this is normal? Will see what happens haha!

09/17/10 06:01:10PM @jessica-leyva:
Hey dude, Hows the dreadies coming along? Mine, well there's a crap ton of loose hair, and like all the roots seem to be quite matted up like. I just want them to be tighter haha.

Trevor Oakley
09/08/10 10:10:15AM @adam-mcdonald:
Yeah I think you'll get the hang of it. I did have a wonderful time camping. It so nice to be in God's creation like that. Before I got saved I never really appreciated the beauty of it like I do now. I've been saved 5 years this last July. I actually came back to the Lord not far from you where I was born and (born again) Shreveport.

Linda Chidimma
09/08/10 04:51:09AM @ceejae:
thanks for the comment brother, sorry if its a late reply.i just let them grow on their own, natural :)

Trevor Oakley
09/07/10 12:44:16AM @adam-mcdonald:
Ok, it's kinda hard to explain, but here goes. Take the end of your dread and kinda of rub it between your fingers and tease it upwards until it's kinda a fluffy ball. Then take the new dread u made and at the top it should be straight undreaded hair. Make that hair kinda fan out in like a circle, then take the end of your existing dread and push it down into the center of that fanned out hair, and then wrap that hair around it. Hold it in place until u crochet that area and turn the dread while crocheting and move up and down the dread in that area while turning until it feel tight. It's better to be too thick there than thin. Hope that helps, maybe I need to make a video for u. Lol

Trevor Oakley
09/07/10 12:33:32AM @adam-mcdonald:
Hey, sorry I've been away from the computer( camping)I added mine just gradually as I made them. From underneath in the back toasted the front. That way u got instant length in the back, and it doesn't look bad as u add to it gradually. Also that way some can mature faster and they don't have to all at the same time.

Trevor Oakley
09/03/10 11:30:15PM @adam-mcdonald:
I attached mine with the extention hair on the outside. Don't worries about your roots, they will lock more with each washing. Do u ever do the sea salt water and spray it on? That really helps!:)

Trevor Oakley
09/03/10 02:32:52PM @adam-mcdonald:
What do u mean, like my roots? There fine, just trying to separate so they don't grow together. It doesn't take me that long to backcomb a dread extention. Mine are small, I have 80 dreads. They don't have to be super tight b/c your going to crochet after u attach it. You want to hair at the bottom of your existing dread to be loose so u can have something to attach it to. Did u check out the video, it's very helpful. The lock pepper is unnecessary if u don't have it. What size crochet hook r u using? Under 1.0 is the best. I just crochet mine initially so they don't fall apart in shower.

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