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Addison Hoop Love :)


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2nd month update!!!!

Duration: 00:12:46
My 2 month update. Love you guys! Visit my tumblr :D
Elle Gee
06/13/12 12:28:30PM @elle-gee:

What ratio sea salt and water do you use?

Elle Gee
06/13/12 12:26:49PM @elle-gee:

Oh shit! That look you explained is so FUCKING hysterical!!! Love it! Great dreads, btw! Rock on!

Baba Fats
06/07/12 07:08:55PM @baba-fats:

Don't rub your roots. Twisting your locks does not help. It can actually make your go bald. They'll stay "alive" if you don't do anything. That maintenance is damaging. Root rubbing can cause scabs to form on your scalp. Roots should not be tightened. They will tighten on their own.

African Americans twist their locks because their hair is ok for it. But even they do it more often than they should. Doing it more than 4 times a year is too much.

Also, salt should ONLY be used before you wash. YOu never want to leave it in longer than 2 hours. It dries out your locks, but if you leave it in for a while, it will dry out your scalp and make you really itchy.

If they are congoing, you just have to pull them apart.

Baba Fats
06/07/12 07:01:08PM @baba-fats:

If beads are really really tight, they can cause weak spots, but if they fit like they should, they wont. Beads should be able to slide on and off with a little tugging, but you shouldn't need to pry them off or force them on.

You should be able to slide them around so that they don't get stuck in one place

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