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0n3L0v33 <3


Location: Eugene, OR
Zipcode: 97402
Country: US


youtube videos: 9
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audio tracks: 15

Dreadlocks 1 week old

Duration: 00:05:38
My dreads 1 week old now washed them and they feel amazing now
0n3L0v33 <3
06/28/11 01:19:45AM @0n3l0v33-3:
Ya i just dont think he was ready for the journey if he ever wants to try again he'll know what to expect :) My dreads are going good im very happy with them i still haven added any beats yet but i will soon im sure haha and thank u Im happy u still like them i will love the color :) but my next ones will be orange yay

Shanxon Lemasters
06/27/11 01:07:00PM @shanxon-lemasters:
awww I'm so sorry hear about your boys dreadlocks not working out, but whatever is bestest for you guys! Your hair looks amazing tho!!!! and I still like your earrings =D

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