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I am now 8 weeks in. I am separating pretty much daily, I wear a hat to work to prevent getting dirt and oil from the factory in my hair. They actually feel dreaded a little now. I have no idea what a dread is supposed to feel like but I think thats it! Its starting to get shorter and fatter, I had 79 to begin with and I am not sure if I have more or less now. I love my 3 fringe ones the most so far. I swim every other day and the chlorine seems to make them knot well. I wash afterwards and then spend a while ripping them apart. Its so much easier having dreads with my way of life 😁

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/10/17 02:18:56PM @soaring-eagle:

careful with chlorine it can be pretty damaging  if exposed alot

presoak if fresh water so they are saturated before swimming  so less is absorbed

04/10/17 12:09:58PM @dread-stpauli:
Hey! Congrats so far, it seems to work well for you! My hair has started to change after12 weeks. It got shorter, twisted and some parts of hair felt ssofter and the texture felt different. I also got loops after 12 weeks. If you find hard spots, check em if its not residue or build up from shampoo or soap. Enjoy your journey!

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