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user image 2011-02-03
By: zach s
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so as of right now i have no dreads and i am trying to decide what is the best way to go about this. i do not want a bunch of wax in my hair for the next ten or fifteen years. but i also dont want to go the natural route just to have my dreads turn out to be well ugly for a lack of a better word. how much control do i actually have over the natural dreading process. and are there any other methods that dont require wax? can anybody help me with this?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/07/11 09:40:59PM @soaring-eagle:

no method requires wax wax

wax dont belonfg in any method period

u have as much control as u want natureally but why conytrol it abnd what majkes u think natural dreads look ugly i get told a thousand times a day mine are the best they ever sdeen anfd are 100% natural

but u can do twist and rip with no wax if your a ocd type

02/06/11 08:00:57PM @medusa:

hey zach. i started mydreads backcombing and wax, rubberbands, the whole dreadheadhq bit. then i found this site, a month or so into the process. so did my best to get out all the wax, i think all the bands are out tho i still find a random one every now and then, just found one this morning! now i'm almost three months into the dread journey, i have sweet tight knots almost all my dreads, just maybe half a dozen are still loose/fluffy. but ugh, the loose hair!! the fuzz on my scalp!!! the lumps and loops and esses and oddities!!! not what i had in mind. so i look at all the profile pics on here of older, more mature, more settled dreads, and i keep reading soaring eagle and everyone else's advice to take a breath, stop looking in the mirror...i have to look presentable to non-dreadies, i work in an icu in a small suburban hospital and most of our clients are old conservative people. so i can only "stop looking in the mirror" in a theoretical way.

so to answer your question, you can do it without wax, and have pretty dreads. look around on here, there are tons of pictoral evidence of that. apparently the first year to two years is the tricky testy part.

peace to you on your journey!

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