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Why does it seem my dreads are not growing help me someone :-)

user image 2013-03-15
By: Wolf's Rain
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Ok.I'm new to this, the site and etc.Well i have many questions for who ever got the A to them :-) Ok i have been growing my dreads for a minute now and it seems that they are not even growing.And a family memeber started theres a few months back.And now his hair is long and about to pass mine already :-/ i don't get it at all.Had mine for some yrs now and his is growing quick!Why can someone tell what's up with my growth????

Wolf's Rain
03/16/13 10:10:17PM @wolfs-rain:

Oh ok i'll have to try it.I use a dread shampoo to wash my hair.

03/15/13 05:01:56PM @mons:
It's just a supplement, NatureMade and Nature's Bounty both make it, or you can get store brands. It's sold everywhere and I don't think it's an animal product.How do you wash your hair? You can add some rosemary essential oils to just about anything. You can get it online or at a natural supplement shop.

Wolf's Rain
03/15/13 04:47:58PM @wolfs-rain:

Ok thank you...I never tryed any of them.Iv'e done the massage don't even know what rosemary is but i have heard of biotin was thinking of taking them but scared of effects since i don't eat meat.I don't know what most meds would do to me.I'll have to look in to it im a vegan btw.

03/15/13 12:52:14PM @mons:
Welcome to the site!!Hair grows at different rates. That other persons hair may just grow faster than yours. Also, it sounds like you had some decent length when you started, longer hair shrinks more, so it seems we go thru a longer waiting period before we start to see any change in length.You could try taking biotin for several months, it boosts hair growth and health. Rosemary stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which helps with growth. Finger massaging your scalp may help too. Do it when you wash or just several times throughout the day.

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