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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Leicester
Country: GB


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Me and one of my birds Tickle :o)
Photo 797
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Linus in my hair :o
Linus playing in my hair :o)


07/21/11 08:20:30AM @lunn:

hi winniethe tiger dreads are a cool pic i came across on the net,nice to see see more english folks on this site 2

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/12/11 10:29:04AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome you'll definately love em alot more when the wax is gone and does just make sense

05/06/11 10:40:20AM @vincenzo-stornaiuolo:
Thank you!!! : ) Your locks look pretty sick, as well!

05/04/11 01:29:39PM @david-smith:

sweet dreads man, oh and your page background is a trip for sure, caught myself entranced for like twenty minutes!

Shawn Larway
05/03/11 12:08:08PM @zach-whitbeck:
Thank you! And New Orleans, yes It's an amazing place. I absolutely love it here; so much cool shit going on alllllll the tiiiiime and its still laid back ol' Nola. I haven't been to Lake Charles much, either. I'm originally from Shreveport, so I've definitely traveled through a few times.

Marcus Jenkins
04/29/11 11:46:34AM @philisiwe-sangweni:

well thx hunny bunch!!!! love your dreads!!! looking good too ;) hope u have a wonderful weekend! kisses n hugs ! MWAH! talk to u again real soon :D


meghan patterson
04/29/11 08:41:52AM @nick-r:
Thanks sweetness.... hope you have a wonderful day =)

DavJeon Chadwick Xavier
04/28/11 11:05:28AM @justin-lucas:
Hmm i don't really know. I guess I was just looking for something different, unique, and beautiful. I never knew it would be such an adventure growing dreadlocks but I absolutely love them. It amazes me how many ppl comment on my hair but are too afraid to do dreadlocks themselves. When ppl say they don't think they will look good on them I just say that everyone looks good with dreadlocks (:

DavJeon Chadwick Xavier
01/10/11 08:21:10PM @justin-lucas:
Haha why thank you! Yours are lovely as well :) What inspired you to get dreadlocks?

11/13/10 12:49:29PM @liz-elizabeth:
yeah man good to see LA here actually startin my dreads today!!

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