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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: New Orleans, LA
Zipcode: 70115
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/16/12 02:58:39PM @soaring-eagle:

Molly Browder
07/09/12 12:04:12PM @zakkary-alexander-broadbent:

hey thanks for the add how are you? x

Ellese Casteel
02/12/12 12:52:43PM @ellese-casteel:

hay thanks! i love your dreadlocks there great!

Kris Hall
11/03/11 03:44:00AM @michael-stephenson:
Hey I'm doing real good thanks. Hope you are well! Love your dreads, thanks for the friendship :)

09/29/11 04:10:12PM @rasdanuel:

By The WAY i Love Your Locks.. Hug And Blessing..

09/29/11 04:06:55PM @rasdanuel:

thanks.. just because they are natural doesnt mean i cant take care of them.. i twist them myself, and wash them myself.. thanks

Stephen Wagner
09/28/11 12:41:14PM @thomas-drath:

Thank you! You have lovely dreads by the way! :)

erick cruz
09/15/11 01:46:32PM @erick-cruz:

Evo nas jo :D... hehe

09/11/11 07:43:08PM @jcisazombie:

Hey hey! Ima nas, evo. Ne puno, ali bolje ita nego nita. :)

Amy Tabb
04/15/11 03:36:21PM @amit-even:
haha, well thanks(: !

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