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Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Zipcode: 95063
Country: US


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02/28/13 07:30:45PM @jamaris:

No i havent tried that yet. I'm only a month in so ive still got alot to do! I will defiantely look into it and the oils online.

My head gets itchy just thinking about it :(

Thanks for your help thought :)

02/28/13 07:09:03PM @jamaris:

Hey, At the moment im only using baking soda. Been looking around for essential oils, but cant find them anywhere!

01/24/13 03:18:12PM @cammie:

lol yeah dont let the sun in pic fool you we are way below the average low temp for this time of year!!! Waiting for spring!!!!!!

Holly Sanderson
01/09/13 04:07:42PM @holly-sanderson:
Thanks so much for the advice Mons! Probably will pick some up tomorrow :)

Holly Sanderson
01/09/13 11:18:57AM @holly-sanderson:
I looove nag champa<3 that's all I burn. I should deff get the oil. Good call:)

Holly Sanderson
01/08/13 09:32:32PM @holly-sanderson:
What's a good smelling and equally helpful oil that I can mix with my jojobawater spray? My hair is very thick course and dry. Your locs are breath taking as I'm sure you know :)

Jamie L. Nipper
11/13/12 08:33:17PM @jamie-l-nipper:

Thanks for the warm welcome.

pepper pheasant
10/30/12 08:08:30AM @pepper-pheasant:

thank you mons :)

Joshua Lee Collins
10/28/12 03:26:21PM @joshua-lee-collins:

thankyouuuuu :)

Yolanda Snep
10/27/12 09:52:50AM @yolanda-snep:

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