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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Zipcode: 95063
Country: US


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07/14/10 09:52:32PM @opaulao:
Welcome!Knotty boy and DHHQ are pure crap :(I see you love life? So go out and have fun, and while you do, your dreadies will lock naturally. There really is very little you should do to dreads. So just enjoy life and let the dreads dread :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/14/10 09:37:11PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome umm what knottyboy crap did u use i see u fell for all theyre lies about rubbing and rolling i hope u didnt fall for the wax too did u? if you used wax we need to fix u up right away and get all that wax out then forget absolutely everything they told u its all wrong wrong wrong

02/28/13 07:30:45PM @jamaris:

No i havent tried that yet. I'm only a month in so ive still got alot to do! I will defiantely look into it and the oils online.

My head gets itchy just thinking about it :(

Thanks for your help thought :)

02/28/13 07:09:03PM @jamaris:

Hey, At the moment im only using baking soda. Been looking around for essential oils, but cant find them anywhere!

01/24/13 03:18:12PM @cammie:

lol yeah dont let the sun in pic fool you we are way below the average low temp for this time of year!!! Waiting for spring!!!!!!

Holly Sanderson
01/09/13 04:07:42PM @holly-sanderson:
Thanks so much for the advice Mons! Probably will pick some up tomorrow :)

Holly Sanderson
01/09/13 11:18:57AM @holly-sanderson:
I looove nag champa<3 that's all I burn. I should deff get the oil. Good call:)

Holly Sanderson
01/08/13 09:32:32PM @holly-sanderson:
What's a good smelling and equally helpful oil that I can mix with my jojobawater spray? My hair is very thick course and dry. Your locs are breath taking as I'm sure you know :)

Jamie L. Nipper
11/13/12 08:33:17PM @jamie-l-nipper:

Thanks for the warm welcome.

pepper pheasant
10/30/12 08:08:30AM @pepper-pheasant:

thank you mons :)

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