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Vincent Cleveland


Location: Cleveland, OH
Zipcode: 44102
Country: US


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Happy with my decision

By Vincent Cleveland, 2012-03-16

Originally I was very nervous about getting them, I thought people would make fun or stare or any of that stuff, especially in the beginning stages. But in the end, I've never felt better and more confident with my dreads. They're short but strong, and like me they'll continue to grow and be stronger. Still working on the itching, but I'll definitely get the hang of that soon. My friends like these better than anything hairstyle I've ever tried, and so do I. I don't think I'll ever cut them off. Can't wait until I've had them a year or two and they fly past my head when I turn it. Just my testimony to the style. haha. Hope they've made made you all as happy as they made me. :)


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