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miguel alejandro leon
06/27/11 10:47:13PM @miguel-alejandro-leon:
who's to tell me , i have to let it go
i i need to say this , have to let you know
i'll be here waiting for our souls to meet
i 'll be here waiting for your call to me
every day i know your're home
rigth beside me , all alone

06/20/11 09:41:22AM @ben:
Hello there!Good to hear that you're still alive^^I'm doing pretty well too. No really exciting new in Marseille, it's getting pretty warm, perfect time for motorbike rides. I'm still working as much as possible thinking for my american plan. A NY based french american newspaper mailed me back for an internship opportunity, nothing concrete for now, but I hope...I'm hitting the internet, if you know some interesting sites helping in american establisment, just let me know!You? What's new in cold Canada? Are you taking your board to an crazy level? heheHave a good dayBenj'

06/07/11 10:27:41PM @thesilentrebellion:
Hey! Sorry I took so long! Haven't been on here in a while. Was cool randomly meeting you at foufs :-P

05/28/11 09:37:25PM @bradywii:
Yo :P

andrew lazare
05/11/11 01:52:04PM @andrew-lazare:

Im assuming your an incubus fan...what do you play and what else are you into?

andrew lazare
05/11/11 01:50:15PM @andrew-lazare:

Hi Vanessa! I was actually just in montreal for a short visit on my way back to canada from france. Montreal seems to be the perfect place for me to live with some of my french heritage and thats why I say that I'll return but I'm not sure when that will be. I'm currently kicking around vancouver with little to no agenda other than to hit as many festivals as possible this summer and wherever I wind up from there is undecided but I'll be in quebec soon enough. Thank you for offering hospitality.


05/03/11 09:06:20AM @ben:
Hey you! How are you doing? Haven't heard from you for a while, hope you're doing well and still planning on conquer France^^Have a good board time !

04/25/11 11:18:20PM @miko:
Beautiful hair

04/11/11 06:44:13PM @ben:
Hahaha! Wesh la gadjie, c'est une sorte de "gangsta talking" de Marseille zinc'! You can translate to " Hi girl" ou salut la gonzesse! Eh ouais Marseille on a presque une langue part entire. Tabernac'! The motorcycle you can see on the pic is the one I've just sold. But I keep my so much loved motocross!! Hey, great eye! You found the only pic with a French landscape, all the others are in the stars and stripes land hehe.I don't care about cold, if I can get my green card spending 2 years in Alaska, I'll do it!! Mmmh maybe not, but I'd consider it anyway. And that might be a part of the adventure. I don't wanna get here for holidays, I wanna work and build a new american life.I don't see anything special to ask you, I try to get as much infos as I can on the web relating to the visa's issues, easy to enter the US but very difficult to stay there. But if you know some american people, and if you ever hear about someone which would like to hire and sponsor a young frenchie boy, let me know ^^. Anyway, thank you! Have a great day too!

04/09/11 08:20:19AM @ben:
Wesh la gadjie! I'm still doing well! This is warmer and warmer here and yes, I enjoy the weather un max! And last year I came home from my american trip with like 1000 pictures haha. Mmh by 13 degrees I would not like to go to the beach^^, must be cold. But maybe that's the warmer you can have in Canada hahaha.I 'm not really into sports except those you can break your neck like bmx etc^^. I never tried longboard, would be cool to. But we'll be able to go jumping dans les calanques, or hike even though this is very warm. Oh my friends and I use to go camping often during summer , la belle toile. That's would be cool to have you there.A thousand thanks to you enquiring for me getting the USA! Things will be easier thanks to you. I heard some bad news from the States yesterday. They have no money anymore since they reached le plafond de dette autorise de l'Etat. Maybe in a few days half of the state functionnaries will not be paid anymore. Museums and national parks like Grand Canyon will be closed first. I fear that it will become harder and harder to go work and live there :(I also heard about job opportunities in Alaska, they're searching for people because of the extreme weather conditions.Tomorrow I'll be in a motorcycle road trip with my bro' and my brother in law, back on monday. Keep me in touch about your trip preparations. Have a great weekend! Bisous

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