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My Dread Journey

By: Valérie
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I have finally come around to starting a blog post to keep track of my current dread journey.

First, I must kick off this journey with what my locks looked like prior to dreadlocking:

As you can see, I have pretty wavy hair.

I made the decision to twist and rip my hair on April 13, 2012. I really don't like brushing my hair anyway and, having it this long for the first time in a VERY long time was causing me all kinds of issues. Anyway, I decided to go with tnr because my hair (lower back) tended to mat in a giant ball every single day and I had to pick at it to get it loose regularly. I felt it would save me the anguish of dealing with the bber felted ball that would result if I went completely neglect... so I twist and ripped for a little direction and left it alone to do it's thing.

My weekly hair maintenance (for the record and those who care to know) consists of:

  1. Dr. Bronner's liquid soap (in lavender and/or tea tree) diluted with water 1/12, or
  2. Baking Soda 1/3 - 1/2 cup, lavendar/tea tree oil 20 drops, rosemary oil 20 drops, gallon of water This was not so great for me, imo.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar (just a splash), gallon of water, same parts of the aforementioned oils, glob of aloe juice
  4. For flyaway control I lightly use Aloe Vera Gel
  5. Sea Salt Water spray the night before each washing

Now, I wash every 2 - 3 days alternating between no. 1 and 2, followed up with no. 3.

And here I am, just a couple of days after my tnr (week 1 - 4/15.) So far so good :D

So, from this point onward, I am going to update my journey by posting comments. I can't change the chronology though so the top-most comment is the most latest (a bit backwards, I know. but I am not really sure how else I should do this...)

Happy reading and BB! :)

10/17/12 08:20:56PM @valrie:

Oh man, it's definitely been a while since I last updated this! My hair is about chin length right now and the texture is sort of rough and prickly. There are still a lot of loose hairs and most of my dreads are thick gnarled bundles with tufts of hair coming off the ends... There are also quite a few that are straight and have knotted balls of hair at the end (pretty much the opposite.)

I've been having a lot of tension at the scalp which I've found to be very irritating. No dandruff or mold issues and, as far as I can tell, no mold *knock on wood*

I was definitely feeling blue about my hair the past few weeks. Not being able to comb it or put it up. My bf pretty much admitting that he hasn't been super cuddly because my hair makes him itchy (I guess that's better than some of the alternate reasons.) It has been incredibly hot and my hair is so thick that my scalp sweats constantly but it's too short to pull up and let airflow through... So yeah, I've felt the comb out urge, out of frustration and discomfort, but have stayed my hand knowing that I would probably regret it on some level.

I dunno.

I darkened up my color today because I am too lazy to keep up with the red and have been dreaming of growing out my natural color. So I made the top-most dreads closer to my natural color and interspersed different shades of red throughout the rest for the transition.

08/12/12 03:41:59PM @valrie:

Okay, time for that 4 month update!

So, I decided to take a couple of pics and I made a ridiculously long video (with cute cat interruption!)

This picture I took demonstrating how a snood can be worn to cover the locs and decorated to look cute for work or other purposes. For those who don't know what a snood is, it's essentially a hair net that is thicker and longer than say, a hair net a food service representative would wear. They can be found in varying colors or made by crochet. They also have been seen in varying lengths from mid neck to as long as mid back! The part I love most about the snood is it's much cooler during the hot months due to the netted style compared to a tam. I suppose one could always design a tam in a more snood-like style (hey! That's a thought!!) but snoods are very cheap. I've never spent more than 4 dollars on a manufactured 1 and sally Beauty Supply (where I currently work) has these in black and white for like, 3 bucks.

Here is another photo taken yesterday while waiting for the bf to get done with his banking. My 4 month snapshot (mostly to show off the color):

<HR />

Oh BLAST IT! My video got deleted right when I uploaded it because it was a few seconds over the 15 minute time minimum. ARG! I guess the only way for people to get past that minimum is if I gave them my phone number which I think is B.S.!

Whelp, before posting this reply I whipped out a new video and will add the link before. Since I had mentioned (promised) kitty interruption, at the end of the vid I introduce my cat Dexter Danger!

08/09/12 01:00:52AM @valrie:

Awe, thanks! :D

Claire Wilson
08/08/12 08:33:07PM @claire-wilson:

The right side is looking especially hot! I hope mine are looking like this in a few months :)

08/08/12 06:43:12PM @valrie:

Thanks Ixchel! I am pretty happy with the progress but still can't wait for fuller maturity, just for the simple fact that it will be easier to keep them apart.

08/08/12 06:00:48PM @ixchel:

wow stunning as always. i look forward to details photos & video :) wonderful knotting going on you have such great progress to follow. i always look forward to updates <3

08/08/12 05:51:30PM @valrie:

Just a little bit of an update before I hit my 4 month (this Friday!)

My hair has been getting a little bit dry. I'm most certain it's from the new color but hey, it looks great, imo. Here are photo's of back and both sides:

Most of the hair has shrunk up about 6" or so. There are still a few longer bits but, it was really weird and, almost over night, I noticed that my hair was mostly shoulder length.

There was a period of about a month where I didn't feel the need to separate as much because I wasn't getting any "dreads" trying to congo. Now, this past few days, I'm back to the excessive separating. Mostly because the loose hairs are grabbing frantically to other dreads. Some of mine are far too big to just let them do that though. Some of the separation is annoying and painful and I really wish it would just settle down. I may start using aloe more in hopes that the velcroiness would relax.

A few areas are still straight but, I will show off more detail when I do my 4 month video sometime this weekend.

07/24/12 10:04:35AM @valrie:

Okay, good morning!

07/24/12 01:39:12AM @valrie:

I finally caved, after much deliberation, and dyed my hair red (FDO Red Hot crossed with Magenta) and it looks pretty good. The down side is that my blow dryer just blew out. D: So I have damp hair and I need to go to bed. *sigh*

Oh well. Gonna tap into my space heater and see if that will help.

So, I will try and get a pic tomorrow during the day to show off the color.

07/22/12 09:47:39PM @valrie:

Oh! I have also been contemplating going back to red. Opinions? I have always worn red well and miss it. :P

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