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Busy Little Bee

user image 2012-10-17
By: Valérie
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Well now, it's been quite a while since I last logged in. I apologize wholeheartedly for not responding to all the comments and forums (I did know about them since they get emailed to me but, by the time I had time, it was a little overwhelming.)

Anyhoo, what have I been up to while my dreads have shrunken to the point of obnoxiously short? Well, in the middle of a court battle, work, just finished transferring and started my new school, dealt with one thing right after the other with regard to my son's new school year, just finished volunteering for the Northern CA Renaissance Faire.... This list really could go on and on... Is it any wonder I haven't been around?

Well, that doesn't mean I will be popping in regularly... I'm still pretty busy but I wanted to come in, put up some pictures and, let those who care, know I'm still alive.


Aside from all the crazy changes to this site, what else is new? It seems that every time I log in the site has changed in some way. It doesn't seem to take as long to load as it did a month+ ago, which is good.

Well., duty calls and I must run away from the computer, yet again. :P

10/17/12 09:02:53PM @valrie:

Hehe, thanks! Yeah, I'm still clinging on to this site. :P

So many changes though! Also, I've even had very little time to even document my progress *sad face*

Anyway, saw your little knots and kinks and it looks like your hair is finally catching up to you!

10/17/12 08:55:40PM @ixchel:

good to see you are still around doll ;) missed your perky attitude & gorgeous self <3 dreads are looking lovely!!!

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