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The truth of locks is not known by a lot of people

user image 2011-04-28
By: Valentin the Jellyfish
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This past week ive been telling my friends i was getting dreads and most of the reactions are something like this "Oh my god. Dreads are nasty and dirty."

Yesterday when i asked my mom if i could get dreads she said "No!! Because they are dirty." Then she didnt even let me explain how they are actually clean and there are many ways of washing them, but she wouldnt stop yelling no. My hair is probably about 2 steps away from dreads already, but parents just dont understand or listen to reason.

Valentin the Jellyfish
04/28/11 08:38:04PM @valentin-the-jellyfish:
i dont really care cuz i was just dreadig during school and i know she is gunna say something when she gets home but whatever haha

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