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Thinking about going natural

By Valentin the Jellyfish, 2011-05-04
Im thinking about going natural, but i was wondering how long would it take? Im not in a hurry just curious, i have extremely frizzy and curly hair, and it knots very quickly. After i brush my hair it takes about 15 minutes for a lot of little knots start to form. So how long do you guys think it would take?
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Is Love so bad it needs to be banned by the schools?

By Valentin the Jellyfish, 2011-04-30
My school and maby school district has a new PDA rule. If you are caught kissing, holding hands, or even HUGGING you will get suspended. So i was wondering...What is the school system afraid of? Are they afraid that if we show affection for each other it will cause something bad? No matter how hard anyone tries they can never take love away from people, and if they succeed at taking away all the love displayed for couples, friends, and people in general, what would that leave us with? If we don't have love there would be hate, which would lead to violence. What the world needs is trust, love, and peace. But without any love we can never have peace, they might think love will make us rebel, but trying to take it away would make us rebel. The biggest protests were for peace, love, and equality. Protests taught to us by the people who are trying to take the love away, by MLK, Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. "All you need is love."

And if love isn't worth fighting for what is?
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The truth of locks is not known by a lot of people

By Valentin the Jellyfish, 2011-04-28

This past week ive been telling my friends i was getting dreads and most of the reactions are something like this "Oh my god. Dreads are nasty and dirty."

Yesterday when i asked my mom if i could get dreads she said "No!! Because they are dirty." Then she didnt even let me explain how they are actually clean and there are many ways of washing them, but she wouldnt stop yelling no. My hair is probably about 2 steps away from dreads already, but parents just dont understand or listen to reason.

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