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2nd update

By: Undead...
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I just got done washing my hair. It's feeling great and smells great! One thing I noticed after this wash and starting to airdry and blowdry, my dreads feel really really tight. :D Gonna post some new photos soon.

Also I have a quick question for the other dreadies.

How do you all sleep??

I mean,do you sleep with something covering your head or just sleep with them out in the wild?

I sleep with a satin/silk pillow and some pantyhose on my head (hahahaha)

Just want how should I start sleeping. I just don't want any lint build up.

Tied up in knots
03/23/12 02:04:53PM @tied-up-in-knots:
Yep. Like SE said. I just sleep. If I had to do anything fancy or put anything on my head I probably wouldn't be dreading!For details sake. ..I use down blankets and pillows and haven't had any issues with feathers in my dreads at all. The only issue I've had with lint is from a fuzzy acrylic blanket. Bright pink though so the lint was easy to pick out.I'd just stay away from things that are obviously linty and stop covering your head. Sleeping is when my hair changes the most. It can't change if it can't move.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/22/12 03:06:41PM @soaring-eagle:

dont put panty hose on your head! that will do more harn then good

just sleep

nothing special

close eyes go to sleep

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