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Tyrik smith


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Two months in

user image 2013-01-15
By: Tyrik smith
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I am two months in and can use a bit of feedback
Eddy St. King
01/15/13 07:44:14PM @eddy-st-king:

lol yea just lay back for the ride breh. I've seen the picture though it's gonna be some time

Tyrik smith
01/15/13 07:35:58PM @tyrik-smith:
Ah good I can continue to be lazy on it lol ... I do prefer the back of my head than the front though

Eddy St. King
01/15/13 07:33:10PM @eddy-st-king:

Your hair is still mad short there should be no need for separation. it'll be about 4 months before anything major will have to be separated. I grew my hair out for 9 months before I started neglect and i separate every two days because it's thick as shit lol. Just give it some time brotha.

Tyrik smith
01/15/13 07:29:17PM @tyrik-smith:
How would I go about separating them at this length ?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/15/13 05:07:29PM @soaring-eagle:

hmm u added a pic i see but posted that u cant? weird but looks like progress (whats the white spot?)

if your not going total freeform as in let it form as it wants no seperation u might want to do a lil seperaring to give em definition

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