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Tyrik smith


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Need advise ASAP

By: Tyrik smith
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I am almost two months in and I am wondering why when I wear my wool hat my hair gets so dry and if it is safe to oil it daily if its dry like this ... Also the tangles feel tighter when dry then when they have been oiled
12/29/12 01:14:18PM @kelly3:

Any time, lad.

Tyrik smith
12/29/12 01:13:18PM @tyrik-smith:
Thanks for the advise :)

12/29/12 01:12:32PM @kelly3:

OK.. My advise is to get more then. As I said, I never heard of using almond oil.

Tyrik smith
12/29/12 01:08:25PM @tyrik-smith:
Local hair supply store .. I ran out of jojoba and was told almond oil or sweet almond oil will help and being I couldn't find sweet almond oil I settled for that

12/29/12 01:01:14PM @kelly3:

Ok, well stop then. Add a little jojoba to water and rinse with it at the very end of the wash. Leave this in. This will condition it. But it shouldn't be used every week even.

Where did you hear about almond oil?

Tyrik smith
12/29/12 12:56:38PM @tyrik-smith:
On its own

12/29/12 12:51:01PM @kelly3:

And when do you add the oil? To the mix or just on its own?

Tyrik smith
12/29/12 12:45:37PM @tyrik-smith:
I wash with water between

12/29/12 12:44:59PM @kelly3:

Almond oil? I've never heard of that being used on dreads to be honest. What do you wash with? If its BS/ACV, do you mix them together or wash with water between?

Tyrik smith
12/29/12 12:42:01PM @tyrik-smith:
I am using almond oil and I wash once a week

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