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Water for dreads .... Need answers

user image 2012-11-26
By: Tyrik smith
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Is it bad to wet your dreads and let them air dry but not wag it or nothing just plain water. I did this because my head was a bit hot
Tyrik smith
11/27/12 11:05:37AM @tyrik-smith:
I think I'm gonna start a daily routine to get the wet at least once a day

Baba Fats
11/27/12 08:27:04AM @baba-fats:

If it's hot, there's no reason not to get your head wet. Getting locks wet is one of the best thing you can do for them

Castaway J
11/26/12 09:53:59PM @castaway-j:

wash wash wash. water helps hair tangle and form knots n loops. its rad.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/26/12 09:41:56PM @soaring-eagle:

ofcourse not

Tyrik smith
11/26/12 09:33:41PM @tyrik-smith:
Wash *

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