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Need advise again

user image 2012-11-14
By: Tyrik smith
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Today I have an interview for Burger King and my hair is very out there. What should I do? Should I wear a hat or something or should I explain my dreads? My interview is at 4PM it's only 8AM so please as much advise as possible.
11/14/12 08:59:27AM @mons:

I wouldn't worry too much about it. We went to Burger King the other day, the girl at the drive-up window was tatted and pierced all over the place. Baby dreads are small beans compared to that. More and more places are becoming more liberal with what they will 'allow'. You hair is so short and so new that it shouldn't be a problem at all.

Tyrik smith
11/14/12 08:48:51AM @tyrik-smith:
Perfect advise thanks guys .... Hopefully I get the job :)

the Barrellady
11/14/12 08:45:34AM @the-barrellady:
Oh yes, give it a wash today, as it always seems to tidy things up and gives a neater look

the Barrellady
11/14/12 08:41:31AM @the-barrellady:

Hi Tyrik. Looked at your photo & you should feel okay as you are. But, if you feel more secure about wearing a hat for your interview, go for it. It is cold there now in NY, so it would not be out of place, just make it a solid colour. I know that S.E. says people can't discriminate about dreads, but lets face it, they might without you knowing and you do want your foot in the door. If your potential job has employees wear a hair net, then that will tame them down while working if you get the job, so they would not mind dreads. Just let the interview see what an intelligent, responsible person you are. Dress for the interview with a button up shirt & dress pants or solid black or brown or grey pants (no jeans), and nice shoes. Smile & be positive. A brilliant smile overshadows everything else, as this is what a customer will see. Don't forget to thank them & shake hands at the beginning & end. Good luck ! Times are tough, lots of competition, stay positive and smile, smile,smile.

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