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Tyrik smith


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Need info ASAP

By: Tyrik smith
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My twist that I made when I started seem to almost be completely gone now is that a problem
Tyrik smith
11/13/12 04:55:13PM @tyrik-smith:
Making sure I'm doing this right ... I feel so new to this lol

Castaway J
11/13/12 04:05:11PM @castaway-j:

loose hair is good bro, think about this, loops create places for other hair to co through over time this creates knots everywhere!

11/13/12 01:18:00PM @mons:

Nope, the twist will untwist, but the sections should stay. Just separated them and let the sections do their thing. They'll knot up and be dready when they're ready.

Tyrik smith
11/13/12 12:53:14PM @tyrik-smith:
So there is no possible way I can grow hair over my twist right ?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/13/12 12:38:27PM @soaring-eagle:

nope u still see sections and it looks like its dreading

just make sure they dont start growing together

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