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Parent trouble again

user image 2013-02-03
By: Tyler Clayborn
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Well my parents think that since im gonna be working this summer that it*ll be hard to get a job cuz im black and i have baby locks. For back up evidence that people with dreads can have good jobs. For those of you who have jobs with locks Could you comment what profession your in and say if you got your locs before or after you got the job?
Linda Bentley
02/05/13 11:49:02AM @linda-bentley:

I work in the health Profession. Im a certified Nursing Assitant, who is in college for a Graphic Communications. The "Poster Child" for graphic communications is a guy with long dreads and a tie on. I see no problem with it, just keep them neat.At my job people are always wanting to touch them. They compliment my beads, and saymynew dreadslooks like feathers.

I guess people are just skeeved out by the fact they think dreads are not clean, but you can dispell that with your shower schedule if it comes to that :P

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/04/13 02:10:48PM @soaring-eagle:

ill k=mention also while working for libertynet and the nion profits i ran i would have meetings regularly with:

conf=gressmen the mayor and governor

heads of financial instiotutions (mostly credit unions)

heads of multi million multo=i national orgs like red cross

church leaders

welthy patrons and artists

etc etc

the ciry councilwoman and head of the mayors action center both became freinds

oh so did every cop in my district in fact often a police car would stop me..not to harrass me but to ask if i saw john today (john being the liutenant ..we were on 1st name basis)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/04/13 02:05:07PM @soaring-eagle:

it professional

used to manage over 200 webpage designers ive never had a job without dreads except gas stations or mcdonalds every worthwhile job ive had ive had dreads to the floor

when working for libertynet they used my photo on the company promo materials (calanders mugs tote bags that sorta thing) my dreads were sorta the company image

ive also been on the board of directors of 2 non profits

with dreads i have gotten every job i ever applied for

when i wanted a new job i looked for the job i wanted..i didnt apply for multiple jobs hoping to get 1 i looked for the job i wanted applied and gpt it..every time

but i still prefer to be self employed

Supa Dread
02/04/13 01:30:17PM @supa-dread:
ive had dreads for almost 2 years have been working for national grid in the gas service dept for almost 4 years and have had no issues with either my superiors or my customers. i deal with folks of all ages n backgrounds. if someone doesnt want to hire u due to ur looks, theyll do it n then make up some bs excuse, so youll never know the real reason, hence why i waited to get this job first, then i started to grow mine. i see you parents point, but i would give it more credence as it relates to a career. As far as a summer job, who gives a shit? its a summer job, summer ends, job ends, n i certainly wouldnt cut my locks for that. As far as getting into a career though, as much as it pains meto say it, ur parents have a point. We live in a shallow world, as much as we romanticize about all of us being equal, thats noy the case with certain folks. if i owned the business n you had the qualifications, id hire you, but im not so sure if the next man/woman would. Good luck, n bless.

02/04/13 11:35:48AM @mons:
I'm a checker at a nationwide grocery store, Safeway, Von's, Carr's, etc. I deal with hundreds of customers a day and I have not had a single complaint. I'm a hippie, dreads, no make up, stretched ears, tattoos. The store I work at is in an older community so there are a LOT of elderly people that I deal with. Old men call me a lovely organic beauty. Old ladies call me 'dear'. The youn people always say 'omg I love your dreads!' People my own age bitch about their teenagers lol. In out employee handbook, under dress code, it says that hair must be a professional color and style, neatly combed and clean. I've been with the company for 5 years and had dreads for almost 1.5 yrs. No one in management or otherwise has ever said anything negative about them.It hard for anyone to find a job right now. That's the truth of the matter. If you're not able to find a job, there's a very good chance it won't be because of your hair, it's because it's incredibly hard for anyone at all to find work.

02/04/13 09:46:04AM @gingerrose:
She is of some African descent, and has had mahogany locks for the 4-5 years I've known her, and probably longer. She is a college professor, and has a professional private practice related to her PhD and other training.

02/04/13 09:44:48AM @gingerrose:
Dang phone....

02/04/13 09:44:28AM @gingerrose:
I work for myself, but my one colleague

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