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I Dont Know

user image 2013-01-30
By: Tyler Clayborn
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Eaelier today my dad expressed his negative comments with me and my hair (8 days old) . My mom also question my hair to. But thats not even the tip of the ice berg. My grandma call and expressed her negative comments basically insulting long dreads. I dont see why my family wants me to do my hair ' their' way and not just let me do my own thing. And the saddest fact about this is that virtually none of my family supports my decision. But all of my friends support do.
01/31/13 09:24:35PM @tazz:

Ahhh. Well, you can't always get everything. I've always wanted my grandma to see my wedding if I do get married. Impossible now.

Anyway, you can't live your life pleasing everyone else and worrying about what they think. Even if it is family. Family can be just as wrong as the rest of us sometimes.

Tyler Clayborn
01/31/13 08:43:56PM @tyler-clayborn:
And i alao forgot to mention that when my grandma called she basically told me to get together with my dad and figure out what the price was gonna be so ahe could pay for it. My dad told me he was gonna take me to the salon to get them done in the summer. But i but my hair is already 2 inches and starting to lock up

01/31/13 03:35:40PM @coloursnrainbows:
My point exactly SE!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/31/13 02:40:46PM @soaring-eagle:

normal hair? whats so normal about combing cutting styling dying straightening curling crimping ironing etc etc etc dreads are as normal as hair gets

01/31/13 02:15:20PM @coloursnrainbows:
My grandmother once asked me if she could see me with normal hair before she dies... So. Yeah. I know your pain and know that you are not the only one going through it

Baba Fats
01/30/13 08:50:26PM @baba-fats:

Welcome to the club. I've had my locks for over 6 years. My mom still wants me to cut it and is convinced I'll never get a job with them. My dad thinks tat I am trying to look black. My aunt thinks that my locks are making me go bald. Even though she knows that my moms parents were both bald, my mom is bald, her brother is bald, and her nephew started going bald around 30. I knew since I was 12 that I'd go bald one day.

Parents tend to think that the way you look somehow reflects how good parents they are. Because you look strange, they must have failed somewhere.

Keep doing what makes you happy.

There is a post on this forum that has a power point slideshow that a member made to show parents. You can search "powerpoint" and find the link to that post. Download the show and show it to your parents. It does a great job outlining how healthy and clean locks really are. It even explains that many cultures throughout history have worn locks

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/30/13 08:30:04PM @soaring-eagle:

most families have 1 goal for you to be suicidaly successfull

as long ass your makinmg big bucks who cares how miserable you are

but happy? thats a pipe dream and inpractical

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