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dreadlocks shampoo
Tyler Clayborn


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user image 2013-01-28
By: Tyler Clayborn
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Ive been dreading for about 6 days. I started with a two inch afro and one dqy i did the towel rub method then went straight into free form. My main concern isnt the wait , its cleaning. I would order some organic shampoos from these great website s ive heard of but, i dont have a credit card, and i dont feel like dealing with my parents criticism. So to make an already long story short. What r some home remedies that u use? What would u suggest for my my free form babies? Please go into detail . Ive heard about a few but im not quite sure what to do
01/29/13 01:36:45AM @gingerrose:
Sea salt spray is drying to help it lock up faster. It has to be rinsed out (no more than 2 hours I think - if I'm wrong someone will correct). Your hair might not benefit from salt, since curly hair tends to already be pretty dry; but you be the judge.

Tyler Clayborn
01/28/13 08:24:57PM @tyler-clayborn:
Ive heard people talk about something with wea salt and water. Do u kno bout it

melanie rose
01/28/13 08:21:23PM @melanie-rose:
Dr bronners magical castile soap has been working wonders on my locs :) its about ten bucks for a giant bottle and you only need a little bit to lather up your scalp. Go to your local health food store and take a look

Tyler Clayborn
01/28/13 07:24:34PM @tyler-clayborn:
Ive also seen you on you tube and yours dreada look amazing

Tyler Clayborn
01/28/13 07:23:55PM @tyler-clayborn:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/28/13 06:51:51PM @soaring-eagle:

use paypal

u can use baking soda and acv too

ok 1/2 cup baking soda to 5 cups water pour on then soak 10 min then rrinse with water

after rinsing the bs out mix 1-2 tab;espoons acv (apple cider vinager) with 5 cups water pour on and rinse right away

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