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Tyler Clayborn


Location: Yorktown, VA
Zipcode: 23693
Country: US


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By: Tyler Clayborn
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My parents are trying to make me see a 'professional', when all i want to do is let them grow natural
Tyler Clayborn
01/27/13 08:58:50AM @tyler-clayborn:
Thank you

01/26/13 03:08:38PM @mons:
Damage* not Dakar lol

01/26/13 03:08:01PM @mons:
Show them pictures of the insides of waxed dreads. Explain the Dakar that can be done by crocheting and interlocking. Then tell them that it's your hair and this is how you want to do it, healthy and natural. If they are embarrassed about the way you look, that is their issue, you're fine with it. Explain how happy you are with what your hair is doing, because the natural state of hair.

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