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dreadlocks shampoo

My first experience with Dr Bronners. :)

Star Gryphon
10/12/12 06:49:33AM

Right out of high school I quit my job at Dairy Queen on basically a days notice. I had gotten a job as a girl scout counselor last minute at a camp called Whispering Winds.

I was what you would call a hair "farmer" at that point. My hair was very long and I hardly ever cut it.

I was a vegetarian that summer and because of skin sensitivities avoided many skin products and shampoos.

We had 2 hour breaks everyday for "me" time where we could shower, write letters home, and do whatever we needed to do as a person. The staff lodge had a shower in it that was private. I preferred to take my showers here because it saved having to be naked in front of who knows how many other people.

It was in this shower I first encountered Dr. Bronner's soap. It was the peppermint variety, which is the same I still use today. After reading the bottle I found out it was an all in one soap and I washed my hair and then whole body with it. i wouldn't have used this soap...but I'd forgotten that aspect of my shower supplies and I didn't want to have to walk a half an hour from one side of the camp to the other to get mine instead.

When I used it on my private parts I gasped. It was one of the most intense and wonderful experiences I'd ever had! I was still a virgin at the never knew I could have such a wonderful feeling down there!

It got me hooked! I confessed...and found out whose it was. They told me where I could find the soap on my own....and I was hooked...

all at the ripe age of 18. By the time I was ready for my own personal dread journey....I already had the shampoo that was recommended to me...and it just seemed right.

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