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Natural Dreading

user image 2012-03-10
By: troy townsend
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So im new to this whole dreading thing,

ive been looking for someone who knows how to dread..

but ive fount no one..

so im trying the natural way.

i have straight hair

i need some help on what to do and how to do it..

03/10/12 11:22:37AM @c21dread:

1) shave head

2) throw comb away

3) keep clean and cover if necessary wi a tam o shanta/turban/wrap

4) the end

lol jok SE but its the only way I know bro..

Welcome :) look round the site Troy there i s loads of different "methods" other than mine Soaring Eagle and other 'gurus' are here to advise on dreadcare ...

i think my method is the cheapest and best but then i would :)

bicarb wash is great i wish i heard of it before

other methods are available


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/10/12 11:05:20AM @soaring-eagle:

your hair knows how to dread

its that simple

stop combing stop conditioning let it dread then as it dreads (you keep washing but with non residue non conditioning dread freindly soaps) it starts to dread the dreads may (usualy) start to try to combine or eat eachother so seperate em often so u dont get a huge dread

natural dreading is the was to go so good you never found anyone

Jade Skelly
03/10/12 10:59:44AM @jade-skelly:

Don't do anything, your hair will naturally dread up. Depending on how curly or thick your hair is you may find you'll need toseparatesections but your hair will dread itself. I wash mine with Dr. Bronners and baking soda once a week buteveryone'shair is different as far as how often you need to wash or want to wash. Just experiment, you can't go wrong as long as you stay away from wax and other products that say they help your hair lock up.

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