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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: savannah, Ga
Zipcode: 31405
Country: united states


Jesus, and bob marley


I truly believe that dreading is a spiritual journey because it requires commitment to self and works best when you just allow your self to be your self with out allowing outside forces trying to change you. I started my dreads for the second time in may, 2017 and I cam coming up on my dread anniversary . 

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Created a new forum topic "hello my brothers and sisters":
"Hey  everyone I have been dreading for 11 months now this is my second time around. The first time I tried I tried the beautician and beeswax method with..."
@trinidread88 • 9 months ago • comments: 2
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"Dreading is a way of life and the truest form of self expression"
@trinidread88 • 9 months ago
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/20/18 08:48:03AM @soaring-eagle:


but i would recommend using a dread shampoo and wash at least weekly, or more

the airs full of all sorts of nastiness ..pollution, germs you name it that build up in dreads  and absorb into the scalp

regular shampoos leave residues too which  can become a breeding ground for spores..

plus dreads just dread better when kept clean

04/20/18 03:25:16AM @trinidread88:

Dreading is a way of life and the truest form of self expression

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