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Trina Sandress
Trina Sandress


Location: Sacramento, CA
Zipcode: 95827
Country: US

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Freeform Dreadlocks 14yrs.

The video is sideways and I can't figure out how to turn it around. If anyone has any advice for that please let me know. But I know next time I will point t...
Trina Sandress
03/09/12 02:43:26PM @trina-sandress:

@Qube Goodie Thank you so much! You are awesome!!! ;)

Qube Goodie
03/05/12 01:33:19PM @qube-goodie:

Trina you are AWESOME!!!!!

new dreddie
10/10/11 10:08:41PM @new-dreddie:

cool video, love your dreads!!

Trina Sandress
09/16/11 08:32:18PM @trina-sandress:

@Tara Koch thank you! Will check it out!

09/16/11 12:57:36AM @will:
Your welcome:) I just started july 30th but am really excited by all the progress so far:)

Trina Sandress
09/15/11 06:58:36PM @trina-sandress:

@Will thank you kindly! I hope you are enjoying your journey as well! :)

09/15/11 12:38:13AM @will:
Awesome video, I also agree you do have a rocking attitude your dreads are beautiful by the way:)

Trina Sandress
09/14/11 11:50:50PM @trina-sandress:

@ Karrington Mosley thank you! I too believe that dreads can spread love as well! For me it's just about getting in touch with my natural self.

Trina Sandress
09/14/11 11:48:17PM @trina-sandress:

@Soaring Eagle I will definitely check options. Thank you. Though it's sideways I think turned okay for my first try. My son recently figured out that our digital camera can record video and so I thought I would give it a go. I'm glad you like it.

Karrington <3
09/14/11 10:01:44PM @karrington-3:
Loved your video.. You have a rockin attitude! keep up the good spirit..Dreads Spread Love..

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