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Trina Sandress
Trina Sandress


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Tried the Dawn Soap For DreadWax Removal

user image 2011-05-23
By: Trina Sandress
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I tried the Dawn liquid soap and I was amazed at how much softer my dreads are afterwards. Here is some before and afters. Not sure if you can tell the difference but I sure can feel the difference. Luckily I didn't put tons of wax on my dreads in the beginning because if I did I would have surely cut them off and started all ofver again.

I didn't think that the little bit I had used would matter since I have had them for almost 14years. But it does! Please if you are considering starting your dreads by using wax I strongly suggest against it.I lost some length because of it. What happened was that it weakened my dreads cause some weak spots and some of part of the dread to break off.

My instincts told me that it was a bad idea all those many years ago but being a lot younger and bored with my hair I went against that wise guide within my head speaking very loudly at me. Now that I am much older and wiser I am mature enough to admit to myself that I made a mistake and will always follow my that wise woman that lurks around giving out free wisdom whenever I ask for it.

This last photo is before any of the treatments. I think that you can tell the difference in that this last photo my dreads are stiffer in comparison. You can clearly see how much length I lost but like I said they are much more healthier and I would rather have them healthy than long and waxy!
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