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Trina Hughes


Location: Fennville, MI
Zipcode: 49408
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coloring thee locs

user image 2011-12-12
By: Trina Hughes
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I wish I had never dyed my locs red , just stayed blonde ! Grrr I'm so worried about bleaching them as thier still young and I didn't know when I started dreading to not use the hooks on them , but I'm learning quickly and have stopped using the hooks and wax ! Yay for me ;)- now im just washing & keeping them apart .... My wonderful daddy gave me his gray hair at a very young age and I've always dye or bleach to cover it up , started getting gray when I was 18 maybe even 16 it sucked and still sucks ! I'm trying very HARD to love it ! ..... If anybody has bleached thier dreads can you please share how you did it ? Thanks soo very much ;)-
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