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dreadlocks shampoo
Tricia Howard


Location: Owensboro, KY
Zipcode: 42303
Country: US

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Stephanie Saunders
02/01/10 06:03:16PM @stephanie-saunders:
hi beautiful new friend!

01/16/10 12:12:56AM @faelwynn:
Don't feel bad... I have itchies too...

hippie mama
12/16/09 10:33:20AM @hippie-mama:
oh your welcome. i know how discouraging it must be to think u may be losing them. all i know is what worked for me ya know. i love trying to help ppl.

hippie mama
12/16/09 10:24:33AM @hippie-mama:
i hope it all works out for you cuz dreads are awesome

hippie mama
12/16/09 10:24:06AM @hippie-mama:
yeah the ones on the back always seem to go first i think its cuz there so much pressure on them when u sleep or put your head on a head rest. i hope it works for you. another thing that might work is after you backcomb them ans stuff another thing that worked for me anyways was that i wrapped each of my dreads in some hemp. just make sure you leave spaces so they can get washed and or you could just take them off each washing but it helped mine stay together but i wore them in the shower. it kinda looked like i braided the hemp around my hair so there were little diamond spots. it kinda goes with the beads help them dread idea

hippie mama
12/16/09 10:01:57AM @hippie-mama:
hey lady i know some ppl arent going to like this but if you backcomb them really tight and keep with it on a regualr basis they wont fall out. . im sure if u just let them go the neglect route itll work too but just take longer. i mean backcombing may hurt a bit but it doesnt help keep them together another thing you may want to try is to keep them up or und like a banadana while your sleeping so they dont get rubbed to loose from the moving in your sleep. this helped with mine alot.

12/08/09 06:52:28PM @christopher:
i hear ya on the ends, mine use to and still do kinda drive me crazy, about a month ago they started to knot up and the look much better now. anyways i hope you dont brush them out this time they really suit you

12/08/09 05:14:39PM @christopher:
they are gonna look great as they mature! i am diggin the thickness they are gonna rock socks

12/04/09 12:55:58AM @krek:
thanks 4 the request ;)

Lonnie Berg
12/03/09 05:52:26PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank you for your friendship, looking forward to sharing and getting to know ya. Much Love, namaste

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