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Is it just me? whats the deal :/

By Tricia <3, 2012-06-28

Hey guys! Tomorrow is my dreadie's 3 week bday! Thus far my hair is coming along nicely! I have refused to use any product in my hair which has led to me re-TnR a lot... I caved and bought some Jamaican Mango and Lime Resistant Formula Locking Gel. Now, 1st, Im a white gal with very white gal hair and this was in the ethnic section of products... I had read reviews that it worked [with caucasian hair] so I gave it a shot. Ive got the Buck Co. Locking Shampoo in Dragon's Blood and have been nothing but happy, but between the re-TnR, the gel or the shampoo my hair is feeling superbly skuzzy after i wash it- and ive washed 2x in 2 days..... I do live in the south and have hard water but - well I was just curious if anyone has any suggestions. Is it possible for the shampoo to settle and be a thicker more concentrated version? Is it my hard water? could it be the gross gel? HALP!

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