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i want locks...but need alittle help..

user image 2011-09-13
By: trent fields
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ok so iv wanted locks for bout 1yr now and everything that was stopping me is gone(girlfriend).my hair is 10in or so how do i start them?im thanking the twist and rip method but i dont know.

trent fields
09/13/11 08:50:22PM @trent-fields:

well...twist and rip ant doing for me lol most of them came out in my im going old school never again shall i brush my hair!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/13/11 11:07:41AM @soaring-eagle:

tnr isnt bad naturals preffered but if u wanna tnr its easy as hell and u can do it yourself

trent fields
09/13/11 06:22:33AM @trent-fields:

thanks for the help.i have started got to get a friend to help or maybe my little sister..will post pics when done.

Tara C
09/13/11 04:20:46AM @tara-c:

I don't know much about the twist and rip method, but there'll be some info about it along with the pros and cons in the dreadlock methods section of the forum. You can do it naturally too, which is basically to stop brushing your hair and just let it do its thing, and the only thing you do is wash it and separate the dreads when they've started forming. It doesn't require any effort or maintenence really, so that's a bonus, but yeah, if twist and rip is what you wanna do, then look up the section on it and it'll tell you about it. Good luck :)

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