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Trenna Carriker


Location: Kankakee, Illinois
Country: US


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3rd Tattoo Today

By Trenna Carriker, 2012-04-13

Since it's April and Autism Awareness Month, I'm getting a tattoo in honor of my autistic little brother! I'm really excited! :) Can't wait to take pics when its all done!

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feelin kinda down today..... :/

By Trenna Carriker, 2012-04-08

It's sure been an interesting couple of weeks! I had to move back home because my hours got cut and I couldn't paymy bills anymore. Now that I'm back to living with my ultra conservative small town family, it's like I'm an outcast! all because I've got tattoos and piercings and of course dreads. Every day it's "I wish you'd just cut those things off" and "You look like you got hit by a car" or "oh God, take that thing out of your nose, its disgusting." And the guys I've dated seem to be freaked out by these things too. So I'm just taking a break from dating for now.

I drive my beloved "hippie mobile" and sometimes people see it and say things like "take a bath, you hippie!" or "get a job, you bum!" I have 2 jobs. I guess I'm just sick of the judgement!

Sometimes I just with I had more people like me to hang out with :(

But without darkness, there would be no light, So I'm just trying to keep my head up and move past the stares the the judgmental comments.

Someday I know things will get better :)

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Starting my garden! :D

By Trenna Carriker, 2012-03-28

I got myself a Jiffy seed starting kit at walmart a few days ago. It's like a little baby green house to sprout seeds in, and I planted tomatos, carrots, and lettuce and the lettuce is already sprouting just 2 days after planting!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait until it's warm enough to transplant outside! This crazy Illinois weather is being so unpredictable still lol last week it was 84 and 2 days ago it was 38 lol so I'm gonna wait jussttttt a bit longer!

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First Blog Post! Yayyyyyyy!

By Trenna Carriker, 2012-03-25

Just moved back to my parents after having to leave my apartment! Although I'm 20 and having to share a room with my 13 year old sister, I am thankful to live somewhere where there's power, hot water, cable, internet, and room to move! All of which I did NOT have at my itty bitty apartment haha however all the stress of the past month and led me to ignore separating my dreads and now the whole left side of my head is one big mass on top with the dreads sticking out of it. My sister and I just spent some time separating them so hopefully over time we can get them back to normal and KEEP it that way lol:)

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