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most amazing stone i ever had

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/20/11 01:44:50PM

back a number of years i was at a gathering at trade circle

i was trading stones and crystals with a brother

the trade started off with a few stones only

but each side kept offering more (ok at times we found 1 or 2 more we wanted too but generaly evertum=ime we wewre about to agree one or the other would toss a few more on the pile then the other would too and be=fore long we had probable about 100 in each pile)

so we finalize and agreee on the trade

just when the other guy says wait that ones not suposed to be there i didnt even want that 1 out for trade

he picks up a small 1 inch teardrop shaped blue tigers eye

rols it around in his hand a minute ..looks at me then says well i guess we already agreed and so its yours and hands it back to me i open my hand to look at what i got and

heres a description

flat teardrop shaped face blue tiget eye

rolling it over to the other side there was a brown stripe a thin blue 1 and another brown coming to a rounded point

but wait i havent fully described the blue face

right there on the center

was a perfectly clear picture of a tiger running!

smaller then your pinky nail

but in fine detail

lil "fuzzineess" coming off the legs giving i the impression of motion but other then that it was perfect detail

the strips the form the eyes the tail

it was just naturally inthe stone

i believe this stone belonged in a museaum

unfortunately was stoklen from me a ywar or 2 after

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