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Created a new forum topic "Hi Im tmyers4185 and my babies just turned 6 months old!!! ":
"I have tried having dreadlocks several times in the past 4 years. This is the first time I have made it to 6 months. We call it "technical difficulties" the..."
@tmyers4185 • 6 months ago • comments: 3
Posted a new Comment on @tmyers4185:
"Made it to 6 months!!! Never made it to 6 months before. Now, I am inspired to keep going and not look back. I've made mistakes and have learned from them!..."
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04/10/19 06:05:17PM @tmyers4185:

Made it to 6 months!!! Never made it to 6 months before. Now, I am inspired to keep going and not look back. I've made mistakes and have learned from them! Being stubborn, this site has been so helpful and consistent with their information that it just keeps inspiring me to continue on my deadlock journey. To me its a journey because they have helped me learn about myself in many ways  physically, spiritually, and morally. I started them with one of the "bad" ways, but have since not done anything except wash,separate, dry and use essential oils. I am committed to continue letting them grow and be what they are until life does not allow it. I notice the back of my head being itchy a lot but when my husband looks there I don't have any dandruff and the hair there is about a half inch of roots. Any ideas what might be going on here?

thank you for your support in my continued deadlock journey.


06/14/18 11:53:44AM @tmyers4185:

So, here I am again, 2 years later and since having had 2 other sets of dreadlocks of which I removed after 5 months each time, but I only went 65months before putting in a new set. This time I cut my hair to my shoulders because of all the damage I had done using back combing and crochet methods (I should have just went with your advice to begin with). Im sitting here 2 weeks after taking out my last set and a hair cut regretting it. There were many reasons why I removed the last set. Working long hours in a kitchen, I noticed that the grease from the occupation was absorbed in my hair and that stuff is sticky like I imagine wax to be. I didn't know how to get it out or how I could keep it from happening. (any advise here would be great). Also, I noticed that the top of my scalp seemed to be thinning. Maybe my dreadlocks were too large for my roots to support? My hair is straight, fine, thin and now short (smh). Im thinking about using the twist and rip method. The other options are too aggressive and if I just stop brushing it will take like 10 years (exaggerating) for my hair to dread up. I can stop brushing my hair for a week no problem and not have knots even using dread shampoo. All thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated! ~Thank you.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/14/16 05:23:22PM @soaring-eagle:


yes crochets absolutely horible  but at 2 months you absolutely should noyt have woried about loose hairs or anything

heres the thing.. the less you do to them the better the less agressive the methods and maintenance the better

the best way is to just stop combing and let it dread, or use twist and rip

after that all you should do is separate as needed and dont worry at all about loose hairs

(and stay away from salons!)

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