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Brushing Dreads Out / Salon Recovery

user image 2013-09-22
By: Tina Mother's Milk
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I have been brushing (forking) my dreads out one by one and re dreading them by tnr evey day. maybe one or two a day but reducing each one to make them into three. The locktition that did my original locks tied these tiny little knots throughout, where I could not even get close to combing out so I ripped or cut them out. I still had plenty of hair, but of course I lost quite a bit too. The hair that I brushed out also was very damaged, frizzy and brittle. I have only had them for three months. Is this normal? Did she make the knots with a crochet hook? Will my dreads recover? Is this normal in this situation? My sister just cut her dreads out all together. She didn't have the patience to work them through.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/25/13 01:03:39AM @soaring-eagle:

whats right? they will section the way they want to section..wich is the best way for them to..

there maybe a tendency at 1st for the sections she made to dread back up in the same sections

but a week or 2 or seperating them so they dont should be enough for the natural sectioning to take over

Tina Mother's Milk
09/25/13 12:34:39AM @tina-mothers-milk:

So I combed out all of the salon made dreads in the front, took me about 8 hours. There were 7 of them. The crochet hook really damages the hair. Knots that cannot come out any other way than ripping some hair. The funny thing is, the only parts of may hair that dreaded were my roots! I was so sad to brush them out. I want to leave them natural neglect but afraid they will not section right, especially cuz I already have tnr in the back. Any advise?

Tina Mother's Milk
09/23/13 09:15:09AM @tina-mothers-milk:

So I finished another one. I wanted to brush out one more but after an hour of not getting anything but broken hair, I would have to cut several inches off. It was the worst set of tight knots about 4" long! I tried so now its messy and big. Grrrr

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/22/13 02:13:32PM @soaring-eagle:

she absolutely should refund both she did a horible job and really messed them up

Tina Mother's Milk
09/22/13 02:01:53PM @tina-mothers-milk:

No, no wax, no rubber bands, no thread. Just wrapping and knotting. My sister got them done too at the same time so I saw what she did. At first, I could feel her pulling hairs out. I was like, " I know what your doing, . . . pulling out my hair." She stopped whatever she was doing and said she was sorry. My sister's were horrible. She had layered hair, very straight and thin. She came to our house to do it cuz we were breastfeeding. Took her 8.5 hours for mine. She wouldn't refund my sister's. Even though she knew I was a lawyer. Whatever, we aren't homeless.

I don't want to brush out anymore if it's just going to ruin my hair. I think there is only one I will re-do but the ones in the back are really bad. Its on the side near the back. My new ones dryn in a few hours. The others take 24 at least.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/22/13 12:52:54PM @soaring-eagle:

geez ppl patenting dreads lol

weirdsistas pattented the sista system they then lied to me saying they were against crochet and the sista system was a weaving technique was just crochet

then theres sister and brother and nappy locks all pattented but all interlocking ..also horible for dreads

then in wv i think it is theres a woman that trademarked the term locktician so she could sue everyone else in the state that claimed to be 1

the very fact they would try to patent a way of tangling hair shows u they should be avouided and are probably scumbags

in the tragicly humerouse section theres a patent application for a "multi headed rotary reciprocating dreadlocking tool"..or something like that

it basicly spins around the hair/dread firing thousands of crochet hooks through it rapidly

we laughed alot about it not expecting anyone to ever buy 1..

but a member joined who let a loctician freind try out her new toy on him

the results were tragic..terifying even..totaly mangled hair..not resembling dreads at all just ..a disaster

in uk theres a loctician with a patented system

she proudly states "we use no wax cause wax is very bad for dreads" what they use instead is a bucket of liquid latex...yes rubber

i knew someone who went there..she had blond hair..platinum blond almost

she walked out with black rubberized "dreads" they took a section ..dupped it in rubber twisted it into dreadlo=ike shapes then poured more over her head after

for weeks everything she touched was covered in black sticky rybber

all her furtniture and clothes had to be replaced..costing her thousands of dollars to recover ..

i cant remember if she was able to get it out or had to chop them off

whats worse is the ones that re secrative about thier systems they wont tell you what it is claiming they are protecting a trade secret or something

you really got to watch out for salons ..not all there are a very very smallnumber that arent horible..but its like less then 1% and ..theres no reason to erver go near 1 (well unless you have massive congos needing to get seperated and you cant do it yourself)

was anything put in the ends like wax or were they just tied in knots was thread used were rubber bands left in..etc

Tina Mother's Milk
09/22/13 11:54:51AM @tina-mothers-milk:

She took one section of hair and wrapped it around the other section, every once in a while, probably 2-3 times, using a crochet hook. The ends are where the knots were. The middle had a couple too. She said she was going to try to patent her idea. It did not hurt at all.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/22/13 11:06:55AM @soaring-eagle:

it sounds typical of crochet ..or interlocking ..did you watch what she did? could u describe the process she used?

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