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user image 2012-09-17
By: Tiggum Strixx
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So I'm a huge reptile fan/ worked for the Swamp Brothers/Glades Herp for over 6 years. Hoping somebody here is liking the reptiles and wants to talk lizard. I have cresteds, tokays, and a few snakes. I'm going to sleep soon, but since I downloaded the tapatalk app, it's easier to touch base, and I'm liking it.
Baba Fats
09/18/12 07:27:51AM @baba-fats:

Beautiful. Both of them

Tiggum Strixx
09/17/12 11:18:18PM @tiggum-strixx:

Tiggum Strixx
09/17/12 11:17:17PM @tiggum-strixx:

Baba Fats
09/17/12 06:53:08PM @baba-fats:

lol. I trespass. But I have no shame.

That's awesome. Stamets is the leading mycologist in the field right now. Here's his website:

It's worth a look. I've got one of his books "Mycelium Running". I want to get more soon. Maybe for the holidays or my birthday. We'll see.

Luckily I live in Philadelphia. It's the mushroom capitol of America. Every year there's a huge 2 day mushroom festival downtown.

Tiggum Strixx
09/17/12 06:44:31PM @tiggum-strixx:
No, not Paul yet, but I will.Had a fungus researcher come to Glades once and ask if I would show him around a cowfield, but on account of the whole trespassing issue, I couldn't.

Baba Fats
09/17/12 06:39:43PM @baba-fats:

I'll check that out, definitely. Check out Paul Stamets, too. If you haven't already. But I'm sure you have

Tiggum Strixx
09/17/12 06:38:51PM @tiggum-strixx:
Listen to the Neuroscene podcast "Psilocybe as a therapeutic agent" it's a huge deal.

Baba Fats
09/17/12 06:28:15PM @baba-fats:

I actually don't know as much about fungi as I'd like. I just know about the main species and varieties. Not about as many individual ones. I am trying to find classes in it, as well as learning on my own. But I've been stuck reading a series recently, so I couldn't do as much research as I wanted. Hopefully this semester will give me a bit more time to catch up

Tiggum Strixx
09/17/12 05:16:23PM @tiggum-strixx:
Also, my fires are likely to breed next year or so, I've been growing them slower than someone who is just trying to "power feed" just to get a young animal to reproductive size for the sale of the offspring. I bought my pair from a friend for a good price, now I'm enjoying them until they get big enough for me to recoup the investment.

Tiggum Strixx
09/17/12 05:11:42PM @tiggum-strixx:
Haha, I'm a self educated reptile virtuoso who sometimes has to dumb down my terminology to reach the masses, it's really nice to know you are on the level.Btw, I saw you have interest in fungi. I also happen to be in that field, as it is that I reside in Cubensis Country, and have a Lil knowledge of Amanita muscaria. I dunno what the rules are in reference to substance reference.

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