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Tiffany burney


Location: Sebastian, FL
Zipcode: 32958
Country: US


Blogs: 2
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By Tiffany burney, 2012-07-23
Ok so I haven't been too active on here..sorry for that but im gonna start. I have some things I want to address. Valerie: ur progress is wonderful. I enjoy watching ur timelines . Baba: congrats on the wedding . Ur pics are truly beautiful. Mamakittylove: u r truly beautiful. I love ur enthusiasm. I can't wait to see them in a couple months. Britany: u my dear r an inspiration. I love all of ur pics. I'm only a month in n I can't wait. Truly great. And of course SE: ur a saint. The knowledge u have and give is fantastic. Ok so back to the matter at hand.. I'm 1 month in and I have tons of progress..11 baby dreads popping up ..totally beautiful. I'll get a pic up as soon as I can. The only issue I'm having is trying to resist playing with them. I wash with JML tingle shampoo 3 times a week and bs/acv in between. I do have a few red bumps at the nape of my neck but we determined that is from pulling my hair too tight in a pony tail. I think I'm gonna update month to month. Look for pics soon . Muah everyone
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vanity is a horrible thing

By Tiffany burney, 2012-06-22

ok so im gonna start this thing with a heya n hows it goin. im great thanx for asking..hehehe.. So im gonna admit i am an extremely vain person,i stress about my hair ..weight..pimples..everything.let me give u a lil back elementary school i was the girl with big teeth..ratty hair ..hand me down highschool i had finally grown into my teeth n face for that matter however something else grew as no not what u think,,my hips ..still very tiny up top (didnt get those til i had kids) i felt like i was the only girl who had the bottom half of a woman yet the top half of a child..i started wearin jncos(yea yall remember those) big shirts i became one of the guys to all my highschool friends ..i dated guys way above my age..then came the eating disorders. lets move ahead some years to the moment i met my husband...quiet soft spoken gentle modest..i had inch long orange hair ..loud n boisterious yet he saw something in me that even i at that time didnt we r married two kids livin the dream (i guess) when i told him i wanted dreads he looked me in the eyes and said 'ok when do u want to start' no drama at all(why i love him so much)..i thought i wanted to have them done by someone..i even thought i wanted them uniformed however im on my 5th day no brushing and i love my nappies ..i was scared that i would fuss about them and want them to be perfect but they are perfect the way they are..i initially wanted dreads because of how they religion or spiritual reasoning at i think no i know i want them to be of stereotypes n pressure to be a certain way..the other morning i was takin a shower for work n when i got out my husband was standing there ..he watched me get dressed..he noted that i didnt brush my hair and he kissed my neck and told me i was beautiful even with my tangled knots...Moral of this story....i know this journey is going to change me and probably change how i raise my girls..we r all beautiful in our own way...thanx guys for listening to me babble along like a brook

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