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Sooo - I did it.

By thedreadedkiwi, 2018-01-22

I've wanted dreads for years but always given too much of a shit about what people thought. I wanted them because my hair naturally forms them in a day or two if I didn't brush (my ma actually used to say "brush your hair, you're growing dreadlocks"), I was losing half an hour a day to brushing (lots of really fine, wavy/curly hair makes good tangles), my hair still looked like shit, and I just love them. I'm tired of fighting - my hair, life, everything. Just time to accept, surrender, let go. 

To that end I put them in with tnr because I need to be 'acceptable' at work - but turns out I cover with a scarf there anyhow. But I put them in and let them go. I prepared (without meaning to) by 12 months not washing with shampoo (aside from when I dyed my  hair twice) and just using water only washing. This meant less oil. I wash once a week now. I have to separate every day or two because they want to make one big superdread. Congo city.

Thought I'd document it on here because other people's journeys inspired me. 

My dreads have eaten my hair tho. Before it was just below collarbone, at the back just below shoulders. Now at the back I have dreads that are 10-15cm long, some of them. Some front roots are still loose but the back and sides have knotted up. They just ate my hair really fast, even the ends. I liked the paintbrush ends, now only got those at the front and even they are being eaten. 

But - it is what it is. I just want to let them go for it. What will be will be. 

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