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@thedreadedkiwi • 3 months ago • comments: 2
Posted a new blog:
Six weeks - so much shrinkage!
So I'm six weeks in and I've lost about 2/3 of my length. My hair is so short! All these little loopy lumpy dreads. Above that point (where i did t n r) they are...
@thedreadedkiwi • 4 months ago • comments: 0
Created a new forum topic "Greetings!":
"Long time lurker, nice to be here"
@thedreadedkiwi • 4 months ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "Too much sebum/ scalp grease.":
"My hair used to be massively oily, as in I'd wash it in the morning, every morning, and it'd be lank and greasy by the afternoon, a couple of inches down. I..."
@thedreadedkiwi • 4 months ago • comments: 2
Posted a new blog:
Sooo - I did it.
I've wanted dreads for years but always given too much of a shit about what people thought. I wanted them because my hair naturally forms them in a day or two if I...
@thedreadedkiwi • 4 months ago
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