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Itchy scalp paranoid it might be bugs

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So I have been dreading for about 2yrs now and my scalp is very itchy and I'm unsure why it is and I'm super scared to get bugs and am currently living in a house that has a lot of em. I love my dreads but I'm so scared of bugs that I've been pretty set on either cutting my hair or brushing them out so I've been putting conditioner on em when I shower to get em easier to untangle (I take good care to make sure it's rinsed out thoroughly) and I have pulled out a few dreads completely and been working on other ones cause I'm super anxious regarding bugs. I would prefer not to tho so I'm probably gonna stop conditioning and pulling em out. Is there anything I can do to fix it if it's just my scalp and rule out bugs? As well as something I can do to prevent bugs? I have some tea tree oil but I'm unsure of how to apply to my dreads. Please help!!
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teatree is great  you can spray your dreads with a lil in water or apply  to scalp with fingertips 

look at your scalp carefull have someone you trust (who doesn't have bugs) look for eggs and live bugs 

make sure they don't mistake dandruff for eggs

applying teatree  obseessivly while bugs are around will help teatree peppermint lemongrass  mix em together..neem stinks like hell but kills bugs if u got em

though nit nanny from is the most safe natural and totally effective at i know  

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