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The Dreaded Atheist


Location: Queensland
Country: AU


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/14/11 09:08:17PM @soaring-eagle:

Rob Ellam
10/27/13 07:04:41PM @rob-ellam:

I am an artist who works in many different types of media;

09/26/10 02:56:37PM @yacob-paul-yelton:
Why do people judge others just cause they have dreds?Good question! Good Answer

09/20/10 04:01:45AM @lyon-unverzagt:
Thanks for the add , Nice dreads!!!!

jessie agnew
07/25/10 07:40:44AM @carol-street:
yeah it was great. i got to see many different parts of berlin. everything from the rainbow areas to the punk, anti everything, down town brat spots to different art brother was a great guide!

jessie agnew
07/20/10 01:50:39AM @carol-street:
sounds it! im going to visit my brother in germany today, its gonna be awesome :D so now im off to the shower and then to the airport.see ya :D

jessie agnew
07/18/10 01:07:33PM @carol-street:
i see. did you move far? relocations can be good because it gives you other perspectives on things.the summer here is really nice so ive spent it with friends at home mostly.ive also spent time on getting some music laid down and recorded this summer.its been ages since i had the peace in mind to get it going to visit my brother in berlin, germany this tuesday! its gonna be great!

jessie agnew
07/18/10 06:38:24AM @carol-street:
how is life at your place? what do you like to spending time doing?

jessie agnew
07/17/10 06:27:04PM @carol-street:
i do it now and then. the anti-crochet fanatism is silly. you dont have to wreck your hairdo if you use one with sense.oh thank you! i cant remember the last time i got a compliment like that :)i really like the "wild" look that you got

jessie agnew
07/17/10 07:46:34AM @carol-street:
yes, when i have a rogue curl, i pull him back in :) - no, not in that agrro manner as described in the guide. i dont pull off the other hairs. i use a very thin do you manage it?

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