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Advice given because I / we care

user image 2013-06-15
By: the Barrellady
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I just read a post by another member who ranted in part about the advice given on what not to do when growing dreadlocks. Through years of knowledge, members will share the dangers of certain methods. Why do we give a shit??? Because we care, because we want you to be able to grow your dreads for life if you so choose to. You don't have to take any advice given, make your own decision for your own journey.

I am 100% against crochet hooks, YET, I created a group for those of you who choose to do so. Some of you don't have the patience to wait, and that's okay, your hair...some of you only want to grow dreads for a couple of years or so and don't want to wait 1-2 years for them to mature, I totally understand. For those of you who crochet, share your pics, tips etc with others who share the same technique:

I would never add extensions to my own hair (for spiritual reasons), YET, I also started a group for members to give each other how to tips, maintenance tips and for sharing their photos. I have no tips to give on these, but they were made with you in mind, so contribute if you can:

I guess I should end this now, but what I was trying to get at when I started was that I / we are not trying to be mean, or to insult, I / we only have your best interest at heart, we want you to make an educated decision before you do something or continue to do something. Maybe you did not know of any future problems, maybe you do, I / we don't know that. Just be thankful we care and make your own decisions.

Laura Earle
06/16/13 10:49:59AM @laura-earle:

No worries, Barrellady -- you're one of the best dreaducators here. In fact, I've been approached by some people on here who could probably use a few lessons from you. Some people don't know where the line is between constructive criticism and shoving one's personal beliefs down another's throat. Thanks for posting this. :)

06/15/13 05:16:41PM @flowerchild2:
Oh I see... Sorry!

Tara C
06/15/13 04:55:31PM @tara-c:

Flowerchild, this isn't about you whatsoever :) the person she's referring to was someone who made a post ranting about the site and its members, so no worries!

06/15/13 03:51:07PM @flowerchild2:

06/15/13 03:50:36PM @flowerchild2:
I realise you are talking about me. I must have expresses myself extremely unclear, because i am - in no way - feeling insulted or attacked. I like my dreads pretty much the way they are now, but I understand if you react on the way they are made for different reasons. I don't know what to say next... I just want to make clear that I'm not at all mad at you for giving me advices. I was asking for advices, and that was what I got so I have no reason to react with strong feelings.

Kerry LoCo
06/15/13 09:19:55AM @kerry-loco:

I totally understand what you are saying and appreciate it. I think some people might freak out because y'all can be a little "passionate" at times and some people don't receive that in the right way - they interpret it as a direct attack, instead of understanding that you just want to help. People always forget that it is difficult to interpret emotions from a written post on the internet.

Tara C
06/15/13 06:35:03AM @tara-c:

Don't even worry, your comment was in NO WAY offensive or judgmental. It was polite and kind and helpful. Some people just see it as an attack rather than help because they can't see anything other than what they've been taught as right.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/15/13 03:18:34AM @soaring-eagle:

thank you you always say what i would say but a thousand times better

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