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New Here.. Day 3 of Dread Babies!

By: That Crazy Family
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Im new to dreads and to the site! Im loving my frizzy baby dreads so far and am looking forward to each journey that they will go through! I did have a few questions...What should I do about the little stray frizzy hairs that are escaping? Is it best to sleep with my dreads covered to keep from getting frizz?What shampoo's are best and recommended? I have heard great things about Knotty Boy, any other suggestions?WooHoo for finding this amazing site, cant wait to browse around it a bit more!!
06/19/10 04:19:08PM @opaulao:
hey welcome!!You don't have to worry about frizz or anything. It will take care of it's self evetually. Just keep using the baking soda and separate if they star to come together. Other than that you don't need to worry :)If you want to tame the frizz temporarily check this out(click for video)-my dread friend taught me a neat little trick to get rid of fuzzies fast! put a towel over your hand with your fingers spread like a claw and run that bad boy through emRead more: quick & easy fuzzy frizzy dreads fix - dreadlocks forums the best place for real dreadlocks no lies no products to buy just truth about healthy dreadsUnder Creative Commons License: AttributionIt's so simple but it actually does work like magic :)

That Crazy Family
06/19/10 04:11:44PM @that-crazy-family:
thanks!! I had been using 1 tblsp of baking soda in water before dreads so I will probably just stick with the same regimen!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/19/10 04:09:39PM @soaring-eagle:
knottyboys crap leave the frizzies alone just ignore em, and wearing a tam can help ewm lock up but isnt neededbaking soda cleans better then anything

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