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My own beat

By: Tess
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The other day I drove up town to our local gas station to get some breakfast(We had run out of food at home), as I was a about to check out, a guy said 'those are some long dreads,' Of course this happens quite frequently to me, people coming up and asking about my hair, anyways I told him I've had them for seven years, and he said he sees dreads where he lives(he was up doing some bow hunting), but never around this county, and he said 'You just follow your own beat."

My own beat, that is what I try to do, and have always done without trying. Mom raised me to not care what other people thought of me, which was easy to do since I was home schooled and didn't have peer pressure to deal with. When I started my dreads at thirteen no one really cared, I didn't even know what dreadlocks were, I was just got sick of brushing my hair. After a month Mom separated the tangled mess on my head into to twenty-two locks.

People always judge me when I walk into a restaurant, or go by on the street, but I just smile and keep on going, peoples opinion never has mattered to me, I am who I am, and I will not change for anyone, ever. The beat that I follow is different then society's, my beat is my own and nobody else's.

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