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user image 2015-04-10
By: Tati Bear
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Awwww yeah man I finally made it my six months! I'm hella juiced about it my hair has come a long freakin way from the pictures I took in my 4th month.  It really is amazing how much change has come about in just 2 months time. The patch I had at the back of my head has totally dreaded up in fact the whole bottom half of my head looks like a dread bob on account of the mega shrinkage. I dig it though man, I really do. I still have hella loose hair and now that its shrinking so much its a little harder to tie it all back but I'm not trippin it's all part of the ride man. But dude if anyone is reading this and has any experience with dreads that have come together at the tips and the middle but not at the root is there a way to help it along? I figure if it got together at the tip and the middle then the roots shouldn't be far off but its been like that for a few months now so yeah not sure what its up to or if Im hindering it by having to put my hair up everyday for work. It is what it is though man I should probably try to find a bead big enough to go around the base and just hold it together that way for a little while. Gonna have to read up on bead maintenance now...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/19/15 01:57:38AM @soaring-eagle:

towl drying can undo knots

the weights only an issue when wet or tied up off ballance

well too thicik and they can take daystro dry so..mold risk  also can pull unevenly causing pain

they are alot harder to wash etc

Tati Bear
04/18/15 07:32:35PM @tati-bear:

Dude that makes perfect sense, ok so is there anything I should be worried about if they are going to be thick? Lets say they get heavy, is there a way to cut them without loosing the whole dread? How do you put up with the weight of your hair on your neck I imagine it must be quite substantial considering how long your hair is. And is towel drying my hair bad?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/14/15 11:17:03PM @soaring-eagle:

sounds like they are going to be pretty huge and that 1 probably just has a huge base so its not really moving  .. but   shifting position on its base  if u kknow what i mean  by that i mean the base is probably 2-3 times larger then the dread is now.. so its just shifted from the front towards the back of the huge base

Tati Bear
04/14/15 09:43:29PM @tati-bear:

I have yet again another question for you man. Is it common for dreads to change postions on your head? For example I had a dread that was more toward the left side of my head kinda by my ear, and I just noticed a few days back that it has moved more toward the back of my head. Also I only have 19 dreads and thats all my hair other than a few loose strands here and there, is that ok or are they going to grow in seriously massive when they mature? 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/10/15 05:25:26PM @soaring-eagle:

your only at 6 months the roots are going to take awhile longer

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